Welcome to Portugal Production!

We are a portuguese sourcing agency based in Braga, a city on the north of Portugal, right where all the shoe factories are located! 

Our everyday mission is to keep your sourcing, development and productions running smoothly and on time!

– If you have a concept defined and your designs are ready, we can start from there and take care of the sampling and following production process;

– If you are not yet fully happy with your concept or designs and tech packs, we can also start there!

– If you have your production running just fine but you’re looking for better options for the current products or future collections, we can help you!

From the mind to windows, shoes, handbags and clothing demand a lot of attention from the professionals involved! We, at Portugal Production Sourcing Agency have the conditions and the resources to be your sourcing and manufacturing partner.

You prefer to do it yourself? Great!

We are happy to teach you how we do it for our customers every day and to give you all the information (and some secrets) that you need to be successful in doing your own sourcing directly, in Portugal! 

Portugal Production Sourcing Course is a customized journey through the ways of the sourcing process, that Nancy Oliveira, our CEO will gladly share with you, online and live! You will learn how to deal with manufacturers and suppliers and to ask all the questions that you have and recommendations, directly.

What we do

We work with you towards success. Committed to objectives, focused, creative and helpful, we become added value to your brand.

The following services can be independent or combined. It will be molded according to customer requirements.


You have an amazing concept! We design it for you and create the tech packs necessary for the development and production phases.

Samples development

Before any production orders, we will first develop a prototype as a test to the final product. You will be able to make all the desired corrections and improvements, in order to develop a sample for you to use for marketing purposes and production guidelines.

Packaging development

Simple? Ecological? Luxurious! Your products packaging is very important for your positiching and we know how to do it.


Manufacturing process - this is the key reason why our clients enjoy working with us. Small, medium or high MOQ? We select the best manufacturers for your product, price, MOQ and turn around time.

Quality Control

We can guarantee the implementation of a system of maintaining the quality standards in manufactured products by testing the sample of the output against the specification.

Shipping Management

The shipping phase is very important to make sure that the goods arrive in great conditions, as soon as possible, at the best price. We will present options.

Pick, Pack and Ship

Carbon footprint, warehouse rent, shipping costs...all of these factors are usually a burden! Portugal Production takes care of your stock and ships the products to the final clients!

We also have available courses that can fit with your needs and if a more personalized assistance is needed we have the service of consultancy.


We develop courses for students, new designers, footwear companies and footwear enthusiasts.


If you need a customizable assistance, we have the service of consultancy to guide you and help you out on all your needs.

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