Ready to take a committed step towards launching your footwear brand in 2024?

Book your 90 min 1:1 session for 120€ and get to know the critical points. Gain practical insights and strategies to kickstart your journey in the footwear industry and grow your business.

Welcome The 4Y'S footwear Consulting, where practical knowledge supports real results

As a founder, you understand the importance of making informed decisions to drive your business forward. That’s why my consulting sessions are designed to equip you with actionable insights and strategies tailored to your unique needs. As a seasoned sourcing agent pro, I’m here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to turn your footwear brand vision and dream into reality.

With my exclusive 4Y’S system – focused on You (the founder), Your Brand, Your Product, and Your Business – I’ll provide practical guidance to enhance every aspect of your business.
To make the session even more efficient, I have prepared a form that you should fill out up to 72h before our consultancy session.

Time can fly, so it’s important to organize your questions in advance and be concise about what you wish to discuss.

Let me ask you… Are you ready to make your mark in the footwear industry?

Do you have a dream of launching your own footwear brand?

Are you tired of being ghosted by shoe factories?

Don’t you know where to produce your footwear collection?

Do you need to talk to a footwear specialist?

Don’t let another year pass with the same challenges holding you back. Join me and step into a future where your dreamed footwear brand is a reality.

Who is this for?

Anyone who dreams of launching their own footwear brand.

Startup business founders

If you are a founder who is just starting out. I can give you everything you need to take your business from inception to reality.

Post launch businesses

You may already be up and running post initial launch but need support in certain areas within your business, I can give you everything you need to continue moving forward and scale your business.

What mentees say about Nancy?

Hey, nice to meet you…

I'm Nancy Oliveira, your footwear brand consultant

I’ve made it my mission to simplify the sourcing process for brands, designers, and founders. Drawing on a decade of experience in developing and producing footwear for both established and new brands, many of them starting from their very first shoe! 

It’s been an incredible journey, and I am confident that by providing you with precise information on crucial factors like costs and turnaround times, along with sharing the best strategies and highlighting common mistakes, you’ll be in the best possible position to determine the right solutions for your project!