Follow Your Passion

Do you want to build your legacy from scratch?

Follow your passion is a course designed to provide a In-Depth Knowledge of Footwear Sourcing.

You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the footwear sourcing process, including materials, manufacturing techniques, quality control, and supplier selection. This knowledge is crucial for making informed decisions in the industry.

Our course covers several topics such as:

Who is the course for?


Portugal Production aims to provide students with a clear view of the processes underlying areas such as footwear, accessories, small leather goods, clothing. Courses tailored to students may include consulting sessions as part of the structure of the course.


New designers from the footwear industry face new challenges everyday. Knowledge and a clear understanding of the different process phases are crucial to any worker of the footwear industry, from the designer to the shoemaker!


Portugal is considered to be the best country in world to produce high quality footwear, in small quantities, at fair prices. Together with our experience we can help out delevop out in the develepment of your brand.


Brands need to organize their supply chains in the most efficient way possible as this is a key factor of the success. Therefore, learning the best strategies to source from Portugal with very experienced experts is a smart way to speed the learning curve and avoid a lot of mistakes.

What our clients say

Has been absolutely game changing for my business. Its really important to work with an agency that can take the time to really understand your business and your needs and then help you to perfect that.

Amanda Overs

Founder of I Can Make Shoes, UK

It was so interesting see Nancy’s techniques and methods that she uses in her job to help people like me who want to sell their info web brand, so I had so much fun on the course and would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to get in touch with a sourcing agent.

Mabel Gocher

Student at De Monfort University, UK

The course was really helpful for me because i have learned a lot of technical terms, it gave me confidence  and now I fell much more confortable at the company I work.

Jenny Kim

Student at De Monfort University, UK

Meet your future trainer


I Am Nancy Oliveira.

I got into the Footwear Industry in 2009, when I decided to open a shoe shop to sell a range of Made in Portugal footwear brands.

Since then I have gone through every step of shoe development and processing.

He has 14 years of practical experience, in addition to having contributed to dozens of brands launching their shoes during this period.

It is an amazing journey and I am absolutely sure that by giving you accurate information about the key factors as costs and turnaround times, by sharing with you the best position possible to determine the right solutions for your project.