How it Works

Even with the advancement of technology, producing shoes remains a challenge.

The main factories and suppliers are small, often family businesses.

Therefore, they do not have a strong brand presence, making it difficult for new entrepreneurs to access the market, as they have no way of getting in touch and are unaware of how this world works.

And the only way to be able to develop and produce your shoes safely is to have someone with experience who knows each step of the process.

And this is what we do:

(among others that might be added)


This process is used to test the final shape that will be used to produce your models. The prototyping process is very important, since it defines the final shapes comfort and manufacturing process.

Pre-Production Samples

Once the prototype is approved, we proceed with samples, we use all final materials that will be used for production. 

The sampling process is very important, because it allows us to test final materials to be used, to test fitting and confirm the comfort level. 

It is also in this step that the manufacturer calculates and confirms the production price of each product: PPS samples can be used by the sales team or even for photo shooting and other marketing tools.


Depending on the product, every factory has a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) that Portugal Production will consider when selecting the match between factory and brand. The production phase is highly complex in terms of control an follow up, and it demands attention to delivery dates of materials and components and deadlines compliance.


Being in contact with suppliers and manufacturers throughout the entire process is essential.

Not just to develop a good relationship, but to be aware of each step of the process.

So What Makes The Most sense to You?

Do you want to do it?
We tell you everything you will need.


Our CEO Nancy Oliveira will understand your project and give you the necessary directions to develop and process your shoes and launch your brand.

Do you want the results?
Let us do it for you!


We will take care of the entire process for you. Prototyping, PPS development, and production. .

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