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Nancy Oliveira

Specialist in Footwear Production, Management, Consultant and Sourcing Agent

FastFeetGrinded Partnership in Portugal!

Founded in 2017, FastFeetGrinded established the world’s inaugural shoe recycling center, pioneering the transformation of shoes into 100% raw materials.

FastFeetGrinded passion’s lies in creating a circular economy, revolutionize the global footwear industry, that benefits both our customers and the planet by transforming discarded materials into new products, breathing fresh life into old shoes.

Annually, 25 billion shoes are produced, with 95% ending up in landfills or being incinerated. The complexity of the footwear production process has hindered finding a real solution until now.

As a footwear recycling company, our commitment goes beyond managing end-of-life shoes; we address unused samples, overstocks, production overruns, and even counterfeits.

FastFeetGrinded has developed a unique recycling machine that pulverizes and separates used footwear, achieving up to 100% recycling.

The materials recovered from old shoes can be integrated into the creation of innovative products, reducing waste and minimizing the need for new resources, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint.

Join us in closing the loop and embracing a circular economy that benefits us all.

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