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Launching your brand is non-negotiable

Getting ghosted?

Launching your brand is non-negotiable. Don’t be left in the dark—get noticed!

Factories receive countless emails daily from curious individuals. Discover what you should do to ensure manufacturers not only respond but also collaborate with you.

1 – Show You Know What You Want!
Gain respect by approaching factories with well-prepared information and a genuine commitment to your brand’s success. Ensure you contact them with all the necessary details in advance.

2 – Show that you’ve already done the hard work!
Contact factories with technical packs attached to showcase your understanding of the industry. This demonstrates your commitment to a successful partnership.

3 – Show that you’re not just another dreamer and prepare a launch plan!
Display organizational skills and commitment by specifying when you plan to launch your brand. Flexibility is crucial, but showcasing preparedness is key.

4 – Show that you understand the footwear industry
Approach factories when you have a clear understanding of your needs. It’s not the factory’s responsibility to educate you on the shoe-making process. Be knowledgeable about what you’re asking for.

Shift your approach, demonstrate knowledge, confidence, and humility, define your non-negotiables, and cultivate enduring and robust partnerships.

Ready to break the ghosting cycle?

Look for a sourcing agency that has been through the process and can provide clarity and assistance.

Your successful brand awaits—take the next step with confidence!

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